About Me

Hi! I’m Krista Kennedy. Thanks for checking out my blog.

I started this blog because had a really bad experience with multiple Credit Card Processing Companies. The first company charged me crazy monthly feed that added up to more than $90.00 per month. When I tried to cancel the service it became a bigger nightmare with cancelations fees, equipment cancelation fees and other tack on fees to try and scare me from canceling the Credit Card Processing account.

The second experience I really felt confident going into it. I had no cancelation fees, very low rates and the service was great for about two weeks when the biggest nightmare started. The company held my funds ($35,000) for almost a month and really put me in a bad financial situation. I was late on bills, payroll and almost ended up messing with my credit.

That’s when i had enough and started this blog. I really wanted to educate Merchants on what to look out for. This industry is not regulated and it’s like the wild wild west. These small banks and independent agents will promise you the world so you sign on the doted line, but they do not tell you all the hidden fees that come along with a merchant account.


I have helped thousands of business owners find companies that are reputable with competitive processing rates. If you need a recommendation, please email me and I will point you in the right direction